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Volunteers are the driving force behind Little Smiles! The special talents of our volunteers play an integral part in what we do, from producing community events to brightening a child’s day.

If you are interested in joining our team and using your time and talent to help create little smiles, the first step is to fill out our Volunteer Application. Be sure to include any specific types of activities or events that you are interested in getting involved in, as well as your telephone number.
We will follow up with you right away once we receive your application and send you details on our volunteer program.

Rate the functions you would most enjoy performing: (5 most desirable and 1 least desirable)
Administrative Tasks: Sending letters or other materials for the Board and working to assist the Secretary of the Foundation with various tasks.
Fundraising: Finding people to donate to the Foundation.
Promotion: Working with the Directors as needed to accomplish tasks of promoting what the Foundation does to the public and the media.
Operations: Organizing gifts, videos, games, or other items and delivering to the hospitals or shelters. This includes direct requests that need to be filled for the nurses or shelters for the children.

Strategic Development: Working on starting new offices of the Foundation or to assist in its general development.
5 - 1
5 - 1
5 - 1
5 - 1
5 - 1
Little Smiles - Creating Little Smiles for children in local hospitals, hospices and shelters

About Us

Little Smiles Western New York was started by Marco Sciortino. It is with great passion that, in accordance with the Little Smiles mission statement, Little Smiles Western New York has assisted children in Western New York and surrounding areas. Little Smiles Western New York’s dedicated volunteers work unselfishly day in and day out to provide "little smiles" for the children who need it most!

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